CyberSecurity solutions are our #1 priority and they should be yours too!

We hear about hackers in the news more and more every day. Cybersecurity is no laughing matter and the vulnerabilities seen today in most business networks can be easily remedied.

We at HCANS believe that IT network security takes precedence over everything in the world of IT. We have extensive experience with preventing and resolving major issues with malware and viruses alike. One major virus that is causing businesses issues is the Crypto-Locker virus, it infects your system and encrypts your company data. From there, the virus creators hold your data hostage until you fork over a large sum of money, often they don't even give you the encryption key once you've paid up. We recently worked with one company who paid over $25,000 to get their data back, simply because they didn't have the correct precautions in place. How do we avoid Crypto-Locker and ransomware, you ask? Simple. You call us at HCANS and we show you the steps needed to prevent this type of hostile take-over from happening!

Here is a small article about how CryptoLocker affects your business.

We have a proven track record of preventing and resolving these malicious infections, call us today to see how our Cybersecurity services can help your company too! 281-616-3840