East Texas Precast is a privately owned business with over 200 employees, but since we have a limited office personnel, we didn’t need in-house IT support, but did need a quick response when IT problems arose. In the past, we had used a service where technicians would visit our site, but this would sometimes take days to occur. In addition, we found the only financially feasible way to use this service was to wait until several IT problems piled up. With Houston Computer And Network Support, we were able to develop a solution that is fiscally responsible and allows us to receive timely IT solutions. HCANS’ remote software allows their staff to correct problems as they occur, and with their simple help desk system, we can receive near-immediate feedback if problems occur. In addition, HCANS has become our one-stop shop for all our IT needs, as we can purchase new equipment from them. Most importantly though, HCANS operates more like a member of our business than just a consultant. They not only understand our computer network and our IT needs, but as people. They have been to events in our lives, both professional and personal. Whether it’s a vendor or a client, that something that I look for in a business partner.

Chris Romani Sales Associate
East Texas Precast

We have been working with HCANS for over a decade and the service we receive is second to none. We run 8 stand alone sleep diagnostic labs across the city of Houston and the team at HCANS ensures that they are running at their full capability at all times. They understand that when a lab goes down or cannot operate, we lose business. They also manage the network of servers that is essential to our business, even virtualizing some programs to ensure reliability. Effective utilization of remote access allows our doctors and sleep technicians to quickly analyze lab results and transfer the data without issues. All data is stored in a safe, HIPAA compliant manner and HCANS continually reassures us of that.

Steve Cela CEO
Apnix Sleep Diagnostics

Over the past 7+ years, I have had the privilege of using HCANS’ professional services for our medical clinics computer needs. Having 8 clinics with 15000+ patients, 50 team members, secured server (that HCANS protects) and people like myself that can run computers and break them just as easily, it’s a comfort knowing that the HCANS team is a click away. The system is set on all our computers to send in a Service Ticket and help is on it’s way.

Dr. Robert Zayas CEO
IMC Services

Over the last 10 years we have been through several different outside IT providers. They all had one thing in common. Zero customer service. If you had a problem you might have to wait until the next day to get a call back and possibly another day for a technician. Not so with HCANS. I can send an email through the helpdesk and within a few minutes I know someone is working on the issue. If they can’t resolve the problem remotely then someone will come directly to the office.

Sharon D. Scanlin Office Manager
Fin-Tech, Inc