A reliable phone system is a major step in building a reliable business network!

With a cloud based Voice Over IP phone system, your business can reach new heights. Your phone system is one of the most vital pieces of your IT infrastructure and at HCANS our experience with cloud based phones is second to none. We use the same systems we sell and stand by the quality of not only their products, but the people who support them. In the VOIP world, the provider options are seemingly endless but HCANS can help you find the perfect fit. Maybe your business calls for 50 phones in a call center environment, or maybe it requires that some employees work remotely (in the field or at home), either way we have options to cover all of your bases!

Some advantages of partnering with HCANS include:

  1. The opportunity to lease OR buy your phones, whichever works best for your company.
  2. Customization of your system, the functionality of your VOIP system is only limited by your imagination.
  3. Maximum uptime made capable through quality networks and enterprise class cloud infrastructure.
  4. Affordable features! Our VOIP offerings provide quality systems at competitive rates, no more overspending.

Whether you need help maintaining your current VOIP system or you need to build and price a replacement for your outdated analog system, we at HCANS are here to help. Give us a call any time!